August 5

Whitney Cummings – Can I Touch It?

I’m not sure if it’s the screech in her voice like nails on a chalkboard or her one dimensional brand of humor, but I’m going to file this one under “Meh…”.

After you’re finished watching the 5,000+ movies and tv shows on Netflix and you’re looking for something else, I guess, you can pop this on while you cut the grass or hang yourself.

Truth be told, it wouldn’t be so terrible if her topics had a bit more range.  Ok… we get it… you think guys and their dicks are odd.  You made that point crystal clear after the first 30 minutes.

and (spoiler alert)… her big finale was when she brought out some robot clone as a prop like a futuristic female Carrot Top.  Was I the only one hoping it was going to become animated Terminator style and gun her down?  Now, that would have been funny!

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