Goodbye Bikinis

In a last ditch effort by feminists to completely tank the ratings of the Miss America competition… it was decided to completely remove the bikini portion.  Why?  Just why?  How are you going to have a beauty content without being able to judge women on their bodies?  I’m asking seriously.

Why not just have them all sit behind a curtain and judge them on their personalities.  I mean, that’s where it’s heading.  How long until the fatties start entering because they’re “beautiful inside”.  Oh, and do you have to be “born” a woman to enter or can anyone who “identifies” as a woman enter now?  How many of you were just triggered?

Just put a fork in this thing.  What’s the point?  While we’re at it, maybe they shouldn’t allow women to wear make-up or have their hair done.  Maybe it should be judged on natural beauty since we’re not being superficial and all.

What a terrible time to be a man…