Justice – Sweet Justice

Now that Big Brother Season 19 is over, I can rest assured knowing that Paul got EXACTLY what was coming to him… but don’t get me wrong. I think this tool was an incredible player, if not one of the best ever. However, I absolutely hated his “character”. Anyone that can be that manipulative can’t be playing a game. That has to be the type of person he really is.

Anyway, this entire year I screamed at my television, hoping someone on that show would see what we’re seeing. Never in my years of watching Big Brother have I seen so many sheep following a single player before. The only player with an actual set of balls to go against Paul was Cody and he was bullied right from the jump for trying to make a game move. Truth be told, I bet the season would have been better if Cody was able to evict Paul in the beginning.

Week after week, the houseguests did what Paul told them to, making them believe they were all in a secret alliance. I’ll give the man his credit. He played his ass off and “should” have won… but I am so thrilled that he, not only lost, but lost by a single vote AND that vote was Cody. It was then that I knew the universe corrected itself and Karma came around to reintroduce itself to Paul Abrahmaian.

Here was my take on the houseguests from jury on…

Cody – Terrible player, but fantastic character. He seemed like a stand-up guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. Not deceptive, which is why he went out first.

Mark – “The Incredible Sulk”. Great name. Genuine nice guy, decent at contests but terrible social game… mainly because he was too busy being up Elena’s ass.

Elena – Gold digging whore with big fake boobs. Granted, I have no problemw with implants. In fact, I love them. However, this pig seems rotten to the core. I just don’t like her. Terrible at the game, too.

Matt – Boring. What did he do besides eat cereal and hang out with Raven? Total dullard.

Jason – Likable. Jason was good at competitions but wasn’t too bright. Unfortunately, his ride or die was Alex and she just played on emotion, which is why Paul was able to manipulate her for as long as he did.

Raven – Lunatic attention whore. I’m not sure if she spent more time talking about her diseases or picking and eating her boogers. I know this much… the internet hates her. Do a youtube search for “Raven Exposed Party”. LOL…

Alex – Hot. I liked her and her low cut tops right from the start. To me, she was the eye candy. However, as I mentioned in Jason’s blurb… she was too emotional and that prohibited her from seeing Paul for who he really was. Fortunately, her being so petty lend itself to Paul’s ultimate demise.

Kevin – My favorite person this season. This dude was cool as ever. All he wanted to do was hang out and make people laugh. I know people like him in real life. They have stories for everything. Sometimes that can be annoying but in a house with no tv and only a bible to read, that’s entertainment. I’m glad he grabbed that 25k in the beginning.

Christmas – Uggh… how she made it to final 3 is beyond me. She did nothing. She won nothing unless it was handed to her. Thanks to her, I can’t even celebrate actual Christmas without thinking of her dumb ass.

Josh – I didn’t like him at all, but happy he won over Paul. In the real world, if he would have banged those pots, his face would have been bashed in with those same pots and pans. He has a lot of growing up to do, but with 500k, he’ll be able to enjoy the rest of his life in comfort given how his people probably fit 15 to a 2 bedroom apartment. (LOL… just kidding, but not really).

Paul – 100% douchebag. The moment he walked in the door, I hated him. I hated how everything was about him. He was given way too many perks in the game. I honestly thought he was blackmailing the producers in order to win. Anyway, watching him lose made my night. My girlfriend and I, literally, jumped up and slapped high-fives while dancing around.