Paul Abrahamian Ruined Big Brother 19


Paul Abrahamian has (so far as up to this writing) played a perfect game of Big Brother.  He’s lied, manipulated and secured a spot in the top 3, at least.  My money is on him winning the whole thing.  However, I feel he wasn’t properly matched.  Let’s be honest… he’s a sheep herder surrounded by a flock of sheep.

No one in this game is playing to win.  They’re all playing for second place… except Paul.

On top of that, no one is the game… besides Cody and Jessica (who are long gone) have a backbone to stand up to him.  It’s almost like production teamed him up weaker minded people to guarantee he wins.

But why?  Is Paul blackmailing someone in production?  Does he have incriminating photos of Julie Chen?  This season is like the equivalent of Michael Jordan in his prime play basketball against a 5th grader.  The poor kid has no shot at winning.  Replace Michael Jordan with Paul and the 5th grader with everyone else in the house… and there you have it.

So sad what this season has turned into…