Sharknado 6 is TERRIBLE

Listen, I know the Sharknado series is meant to be fun and not taken seriously but this movie is just 100% garbage.  The first one was a cult hit… no one expected it to be well received, but mostly due to it’s level of BS and bad acting.  Sharknado 2 built upon what made the first great, and in my opinion, was the best.  Then… it just all went downhill.

Now here we are at Sharknado 6, the last one in the series and, honestly, just put a fork in it already.  I didn’t see any advertisements on this and (I believe), it just went straight to On Demand.  However, me and the girlfriend watched it as a goof and it was just lame.  Acting was bad and the cameos were worse.  Does anyone care if the dude from Twisted Sister or Greg Brady is in this?  Nope!

Was it worth watching?  Only if you’ve seen everything on tv ever…