#War of the Worlds

So, War of the Worlds starring Tom Maplethorpe (aka Tom Cruise) was released in 2005.  It’s 2018, so I know I’m a little late to the game with writing this but it was recently on so I re-watched it.  Here are some observations…

All is Quiet when Cruise returns home to get his kids
Let me explain.  Moments earlier, Tom Cruise just witnessed the alien tripods come up from underground and start laying waste to the town.  People are getting vaporized.  Screaming everywhere.  Cars are blowing up but most importantly there is a 60 foot machine walking around, towering high above everything.

Cruise runs home, which was about 5 blocks away.  Once home, he gathers up the kids to haul ass out of town.  However, as they’re packing up and getting ready to leave… no sounds can be heard, not even a scream.  I call bullshit.  Hell, I can hear the Mister Softee truck 6 blocks away.  I would certainly hear if something came up from ground and started shooting laser beams and blowing things up.

Cruise’s son is a coward and a punk!
Remember, early on, when they had to stock so Dakota Fanning could go to the bathroom?  His son wanted to catch a ride with the military passing by to go fight the aliens.  Then, remember when the big fight scene right before Cruise met with Tim Robbin’s character?  Cruise’s son wanted to see the fight and they were separated.  So answer this, tough guy.  How the hell did his son get to Boston before Cruise and Fanning?  Sounds to me he didn’t fight the aliens at all, but hauled ass to his mom’s.

On an unrelated note… I think Dakota Fanning had more screams than lines… piercing screams, too!