Dude! Where’s my Gallbladder?

OMG!  Talk about pain!  it felt like someone was twisting a knife inside my stomach every time I ate something.  At first, I had no idea what was happening to me.  I thought that my years of smoking and unprotected sex has finally caught up to me and this was how I was going to go… painfully.  Fortunately, after a $2000 emergency room visit… I found out the truth.  I was going to be be missing some of my guts.  Needless to say… I was not thrilled.

I honestly thought I could tough it out.  I mean, I’m used to pain… maybe not this level of it but I tried to convince myself that I could live the rest of my life dealing with the agony as opposed to having the surgery.  I guess I was terrified of going under.  My idiot fiance’ told me that if anything were to happen while I was under, it’s not like I would know.  Wrong answer, jackass!

Regardless, the pain ended up being too much to handle so I scheduled the surgery and (at the time of this writing) am fully recovered.  Now, both my body and bank account have less.  At least I can eat dinner without being doubled over in pain, though… so that’s a big plus!

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