Big Brother 21 Finale & Season Recap

To be honest… I’m glad this season is over.  I hate the fact that Michie won but out of all the people on the show, he did deserve it.  He was a comp beast and how he managed to stay in the house with his stupid shomance in beyond me… but that’s why he’s half a million dollars richer and I’m here whining like a stupid girl on the internet.

and who was Holly kidding… she didn’t have a chance in hell to win… unless you get points for riding the coattails of your boyfriend.  I’ll be dollars to donuts that she’s going to cling onto Michie now that he’s loaded.  She’ll ride his coattails off the show, too… in order to get her full 15 minutes of fame.  Ughh… this is why I can’t stand women sometimes.

However, the biggest bonehead move of the entire season was Cliff telling Michie that if they made it to the final 3, he would take Nicole but assumed Michie would still take him over his freaking girlfriend.  Are you serious?  I mean… there’s stupid but then there’s epic level stupid.  Cliff… what in the world were you thinking?  That is going to go down in Big Brother history as one of the dumbest things even said.

Hmm… what else?  Oh… what about Jessica when she had to fall off that Head of Household challenge.  Talk about a drama queen!!!  LOL!!!  Bonus points for Nick for bagging two chicks on the show, though.  That’s pretty pimp!

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