Survivor : Island of the Idols Premiere

I always look forward to Survivor.  While it’s still early for me to make any predictions or even name people I’m rooting for, there was one person who stuck out like a sore thumb.  Her name is Elaine.  She seems like a genuinely nice person, and while I know it’s a game… it would have sucked if they kicked her out first for being “too nice”.  I’m just glad that little weasel, Ronnie got blind sided.  Later, loser!

So what do you think of Boston Rob and Sandra?  Personally, I didn’t like either of them when they were on the show and I, pretty much, feel the same way.  I’ll admit that I prefer them in a mentor role than back competing with the others… and speaking of Boston Rob, what in the world was Elizabeth thinking trying to compete against him in a fire making challenge?  Idiot!

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