Eages are Superbowl 2018 Champtions!!!

Picture Courtesy : Ivy Bleu
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I never thought it would happen… especially after Carson Wentz was injured and out for the season, but the birds did it.  They banded together, believed in each other and played their asses off.  Nick Foles played (nearly) perfect when he had to.  He was amazing to watch!!!

I was on the edge of my seat the entire game, biting my nails, just waiting for the Eagles to do what they’ve done year after year… choke.  They didn’t.  Doug Pederson called an awesome game and showed the type of balls it takes to win against the New England Patriots.

What’s up with that bitch, Tom Brady, running off the field and not shaking Foles’ hand?  It was only a relatively short time ago when you were that guy, the underdog, playing against the “Greatest Show on Turf”.  I won’t take away Brady’s achievements.  He’s an outstanding quarterback, if not the best to ever play the game… but that was a bitch move.

Sadly, just as I figured, the Philadelphia retards went on to destroy parts of their city.  Why can’t these fuck ups celebrate and be happy without climbing up poles, throwing things through windows and falling off shit?

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