Manifest Premier

So… I was really looking forward to this show because I’m a sucker for anything time travel.  However, I was extremely cautious because I devoted 6 years of my life to the TV show LOST, only to be let down at the end.  With Robert Zemekis at the helm, my immediate thought was Marty McFly making some sort of guest appearance, but he didn’t.  But what about the show?

So… the base line is this.  Over 100 people are flying and a sudden “storm” hits.  Lots of lightning, turbulence, etc…  It only lasts a moment but shakes the passengers up pretty well.  Once it clears, they continue their trip and are diverted to another airport for landing.  When they get off the plane, they’re told that they’ve been gone for over 5 years.  What?!?  Interesting!  As they get back to their lives, as best they can… they start to hear a voice in their head shaping their actions.  This episode centered around just a couple of the passengers… but I expect like LOST, each episode may focus on the others.  That’s the way these networks can drag out a show for years… fill it with fluff.

Anyway… I wouldn’t say I’m hooked but it’s definitely worth checking out a few more episodes.